Who are these Kids? – We are not Kids!

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Easter. Mask not Bunny

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Masquerade without Mask

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My most aspiring Dancer chose to have a contemporary Face Art versus a traditional mask to wear at a school Masquerade event. Influenced by her lace dress of blue tones, this freehand unique drawing is decorated with crystals to echo the earrings.
I heard she had a huge success!

Adults love Face Painting too!

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When I was a kid – I never got my face painted! No such thing even existed. It does not mean I am prehistoric, it just means I came from a different culture. Mars and Sneakers chocolate bars came to my city when I was a teenager. Face painting came when I was doing it myself!
So I am very, very passionate about face painting grown ups! I think they deserve the same amount of FUN (and more!) Thank you for sharing your photos, ladies!

Body Paint

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Expanding Face Paint onto Arms, Russian influenced Theme “Ghzel”DSC_0009


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It’s been a great pleasure to Face Paint again! To my surprise a Minnie Mouse Theme Birthday Party resulted in just 2 wrist paintings of Minnie and one painting on a Host’s Face. A lady bug, a puppy with a blue bow, a rainbow, and of course a butterfly – precious moments will linger with me through my dreams. And this is a painting of Mickey on my own (left) arm mickey


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WP_003365And who would you like to be today? – A crocodile! – that’s quite surprising to hear from a three and a half year old girl, isn’t it? In the decision making process it turned out that red lips are very important and hence we better become a cute frog.

Frozen Olaf

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WP_003341I had to admit that I did not familiarize myself with the most recent Disney Frozen movie when it came to painting Olaf the Snowman. Luckily the technology has stepped in, and with the help of a parent’s phone we had a desired picture to be painted on the model.