Welcome to DimeLab. This is a fancier name for a Digital Media Art Club which is currently running in a test mode at a local school here in Coquitlam. Our goal is to learn and produce digital media by completing a series of project based activities.

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Digital Media Club is an after school program for imaginative students where we learn new skills and tools by completing a series of theme-based projects.

Currently in Progress at TLA

Instructor: Anna Davydova, M.Ed.

“I’ve grown to believe that any individual will benefit from having some digital skills in their portfolio.”

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Sending off to Print

During the last class we discussed how to produce printed materials from theĀ  artwork. Many options are now available – post cards, posters, calendars, thank you cards, mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, notebooks, and more! Initially, we wanted to do a calendar but with 5 finalized projects we may have to change our selection. So here …

Objects & Shadows

June is here, and that means the school is nearly over! After the photoshoot students spent most of the time cutting figures from photos and bringing onto their backgrounds. One important step in making objects look realistic in the collages is creating shadows. It turned out there is a lot to observe in the way …

PhotoShoot Day

With 90% completion on backgrounds we are ready to shoot the real people to be included into the artwork. Students got really creative with outfits, props, and staging the wind effects. TLA Principal, who is an avid photo enthusiast, came to take extra shots for the school events portfolio. And was captured on our photo!


For information about registration and any other inquiries – please contact Anna @ ADproduction.ca