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Vision I believe that every child should be given the opportunity to dance.
I believe that anyone can learn to dance when guided by a talented instructor.
Through sharing my passion for teaching and dance, I invite you to explore the wonderful world of ballroom dancing.
Mission Ballroom dance is very popular in Europe. In Russia, Moscow counts almost 200 ballroom dance schools at the moment, and continues to grow.
By bringing my formal training in education and over 10 years of ballroom dance teaching experience, I am looking to raise the awareness of ballroom dance, create dedication to this sport, and build an active community in my city.
There has never been a dance studio offering ballroom classes in Port Moody, and by opening Inlet Dance Academy, people can expand their knowledge of ballroom and enjoy being with others who share the same interests. My previous practice has proved that offering classes to groups of kids from the same school, grade, and day care centre, is the most effective in introducing ballroom dance. Being exposed to ballroom dance, they equally enjoy this bond of couple dancing at any age. Old fashioned labels “boys do soccer, girls do ballet” cannot withstand the energy both performers and spectators share at ballroom dance competitions.

At the moment I accept individual registrations only at the location in Port Moody.


My background comes from Russian classical ballet, choreography and folk dance. As a teenager I switched to Ten Dance Ballroom and performed in various competitions up to a Gold level. At fifteen my coaches gave me full responsibility to look after their studio in Moscow while they had to perform internationally for a week. At that age I proved to be mature enough to ... read more -->

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