AnnaDavy Anna Davydova - Founder

Anna's passion for photography and composition comes from observing her dad process black and white prints back in days of a red light dark room. In 2006 she started working at ScanDesigns, a BC furniture company, as an advertisement designer. Anna took training from Nikon School of Photography in 2009 to be able to promptly feature new furniture arrivals across the media. Her photos for ScanDesigns, Muse and Merchant, Broadway Vanities, Kavuus continue to be used for print and web advertising.

While living and working in Vancouver, BC, Anna has photographed over 400 real estate listings - from 1-2 bedroom apartments to million-dollar houses, and penthouses in prime locations. Agents value her professional approach to photo taking, quality post processing and fast results delivery.

Since 2015 Anna is actively involved in shooting sports, and have worked with many organizations in BC, covering regional, provincial and national level events including FINA World Series Artistic Swimming which took place in Surrey, BC. Since 2018 Anna works at CIHA and regularly shoots hockey games.

From September 2018 Anna lives and works in Ottawa, ON.

T: 778 235 2265