Anna is a professional instructor, experienced advertising designer, established photographer (real estate, product, sports) and a highly creative individual.

Anna’s background in Education contributes to her solid understanding and efficient use of learning principles and teaching techniques in all aspects of life and work. She has excelled in creating effective and dynamic print and web advertising solutions for retail and non-profit businesses for over 6 years. She currently manages a photography company.

I help Real Estate agents feature properties from the best angle, in the most timely manner, giving the utmost attention to each photo. I create HD quality virtual tours with as many photos of the property as you like!
My experience in shooting furniture and interiors dates back to 2007 when I worked full time for a local furniture retailer. It is through a continuous partnership with ScanDesigns that my skills are perfected with each photo and post production session.
In 2015, in response to become the official photographer for Synchro BC, I created PhotoTeam.ca – an innovative sports photography services provider. I love working with athletes and showcase their talents in a creative way.
If you’d like to learn more about what I do and how I can help your company be creative – connect with me, and drop me a line via email: anna@adproduction.ca
Hope to hear from you soon!”

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