Posted by on April 1, 2018

 Inserting fire into fireplace

To fix fire in a fireplace I use this method that I discovered myself.  There are several reasons why we may end up without a fire in a fireplace during a photoshoot. The fireplace maybe broken or turned off, could not find a secret switch, it was turned on but the photo did not capture the fire nicely, etc.  In any case, the fix is very easy. We need a stock photo of any fire, it usually comes on black background which is perfect. We bring the fire as a new layer and craft it keeping in mind the perspective. And most importantly Рwe adjust a blend mode. How? Watch this short video:

Manual HDR

During a photoshoot for any real estate listing I use a tripod and take 2 or 4 exposures of the same setting. Then I use the best parts from each photo to manually merge them in Photoshop. (I also adjust colour, tone down on yellow in white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, ceiling, etc., brighten, sharpen, save, rename and resize.) The process takes 5 mins per photo on average. Most colleagues do not share my approach as it is quite laborious, and I have tried a few other methods for the sake of speeding up the process. I have to say, it all comes down to what each person is most comfortable and happy with in terms of workflow and outcomes. The method in the video below is the one I use 90% of the time in my editing process. Consequently, 90% of samples on this website are the result of my manual HDR editing.