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social media adSocial Media Ad

Many agents prefer complete marketing packages, and I have to admit my background in advertising comes very handy here. I spent 5 years designing full page ads that went into Vancouver Sun, Province, local newspapers across Lower Mainland and in Vancouver Island. I created anniversary sale flyers, large posters, web banners. At some point I accumulated a huge portfolio of advertising files, and then lost them all when my old laptop caught a virus. I found a way to restore a few, and created another collection, featuring best works from past and present. It is available on my Flickr website. 

When you come to me for advertising solutions, I can guarantee the best results: every detail counts in my layout, every element has a designated function.

Check out this Social Media flyer that is quite different from the feature sheet for the same property!

Feature Sheet

This is a 4 page custom designed brochure, featuring property photos and description, agents’ contacts, and listing information.

It is 17×11″ in size, known as Ledger size, or Tabloid. If fact, this is a 2 page flyer, folded. If the agent has a preferred style / layout – I can easily follow these guidelines. Alternatively, I can design a brochure from scratch, using Adobe InDesign. The agent is responsible for providing all logos and information, as well as proofreading the file before it goes to press. Staples offers printing services for aprox. $2 / per page. My preference is delivering a press ready PDF to a client.

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