Posted by on May 22, 2018

An interesting fact was brought to my attention. A few days before my next scheduled shoot the property was listed for sale under another agent. Photos were taken by another company. I happened to come across their video tour. Take 2 minutes to evaluate this work of commercial photography:

So what do we observe?
– a bright sunny day,
– lots of light,
– lots of yellow light (very common problem with real estate photos)
– lots of overexposed windows (naturally! on the sunny day?!)
– max HD at 720p (decent for a mobile preview, not for a large screen)

The truth is, I found this video only after I had performed my photo shoot. I did not have a sunny day, just a regular Vancouver weather with a hint of rain about to fall from a moody sky, which we don’t see on the video because I use cloud restoration technique described under My Photoshop tricks. I also take away any excess of yellow and bring back the windows using manual HDR. I always pay attention to the ceilings and make sure the colour is even, as well as walls where reasonably possible. While true photo retouching can be very time consuming, I have to balance this workflow with speed as agents do want their photos as soon as possible for the listing. Enjoy this beautiful family home tour prepared by

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