Anna’s passion for photography and composition comes from observing her dad process black and white prints back in days of a red light dark room. In 2006 she started working at ScanDesigns as an advertisement designer. Anna took training from Nikon School of Photography in 2009 to be able to promptly feature new furniture arrivals across the media. Her work includes photo sessions for ScanDesigns, Muse and Merchant, Broadway Vanities, Kavuus and is featured in a Focus (Port Moody) publication. A Photoshop pro, Anna comfortably takes pictures in any environment and later transforms them into “hot sellers”.

While completing her Master Degree at SFU and under supervision of professor Dr. June Beynon, Anna worked with the first nations artist – Debra Sparrow taking pictures of her work. Together they have accumulated a library of over 50 high quality product images to be used for future publications.

In 2015 Anna started in response to become the official photographer for Synchro BC. She continues to shoot interiors and real estate on a part-time basis, while expanding her studio work. From September 2018 Anna lives and works in Ottawa, ON.

“In my work I always put my best effort. Whatever I do, I do my best. While searching the market for local real estate photographers, it crossed my mind that I keep seeing imperfections in samples presented on websites. I decided to call my website – Best Real Estate Photographer and I will strive to keep this image.”