AnnaDavy Anna Davydova - Founder

Anna is a Photographer for Real Estate and Sports Events and an Advertising Designer for print and web. Her passion for photography and composition comes from observing her dad process black and white prints back in days of a red light dark room. Moved from film to digital in 2007, with the major equipment upgrade in 2014, Anna is excited to offer professional services in photography to local organizations and young entrepreneurs. She created PhotoTeam in response to become the official photographer for Synchro BC in 2015. Anna is often seen shooting teams on green screen for Vision Quest Photographics.

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AnnaR Anna Alexander - Photographer / Customer Service Representative

Anna is a newborn and family photographer. Her greatest passions - one for children and another one for making things - combined to create natural and truthful photos of the most beautiful period of any childhood with the special love touch of crocheted, knitted and hand-sewed things. Anna is happy to be a part of PhotoTeam delivering the best quality in every field.

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Valentina is the athlete who inspired Anna D. to start shooting synchronized swimming back in 2008. She is now crafting her springboard diving skills and travels with Anna to most PhotoTeam events as a major assistant.



Marlo - Customer Service Representative

Marlo - is a dancer, choreographer, actress, singer, seamstress, and model. Marlo has been working with Anna for the past 4 years and is very excited to be working with her again, as a part of PhotoTeam!

bruceBruce Adams - Photographer

Bruce began his life long passion for photography 40 yrs ago doing prints in the darkroom, and still enjoys the photoshop ‘digital darkroom’ to support a very technical approach to lighting and camera operations. He began doing sport photography more recently while watching his son at diving and track events. He has background in physics, physiology, and a long history working with digital imaging in medical, environmental and scientific projects.


T: 778 235 2265